New to the City?  Experience it like a Local…

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Simply Connected…
The Connected app allows you to create a simple profile, without disclosing any personal data.  Simply download the app, set your preferences by areas of interest;  dining, culture, sport, theatre, events, retail, bars etc to instantly enable promotions and messages relevant to your preferences.   
It’s as simple as that – you’re now Connected!  
What Shall I do Today..?

To fully experience the city and uncover all the hidden gems, you can use Connected in a variety of ways.   

Connected, allows you to receive real-time messages from relevant businesses and retailers linked to your preferences.  So you won’t miss out on a fabulous coffee from the independent cafe off the beaten track – nor miss the art exhibition from the boutique gallery only a short walk away.  

Connected – the city in your hands!  

Connected will show you a list of promotions available in your location.  These could be events or festivals taking place right now or special offers available to visitors of the city.  

Or you can simply use Connected to find the nearest cobblers, or locate a park – just enjoy the city in your hands.


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The Real City Experience 

Experiencing a new city is always exciting – but can be a little daunting too!  Where do we find the best view of the city?  Where can we eat the best street food? Where’s best for a coffee?    

Unless you’re aware of an actual business within the city – then you probably won’t follow them on social media.  So how do we get the best out of the city?  Get Connected!

Connected allows businesses to contact you based on your interest in a location (i.e.; the City you are in) or their type of services.

This means you are open to hearing from some of the hidden gems a city has to offer – so you get the best out of your visit.