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Let’s work together to make Connected, the City and your business perform better.

We’re offering businesses the opportunity to trial the App for free for a period of 3 months. 

This gives you time to promote your business to visitors of the city and by taking advantage of the real-time messaging for retail features, you will be able to attract a new audience who may not be aware of what your business offers or where you are located.

We will be doing the hard work, marketing to as many visitors, locals & tourists alike, to download and use the Connected app – and if your business is actively offering promotions via the app then visitors will be able to discover you!

We’d also like you to be our critiques – we want to hear what works for you, what doesn’t and what extra functionality you might find useful for future releases.    

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What happens after 3 months…?
There’s no obligation for the free trial – we won’t have any billing details so costs won’t suddenly start coming in.
However, if you wish to continue your subscription and access to all the benefits the Connected App brings, then the basic fee will be £10/month which includes a promotion and a broadcast message.
For more promotions and broadcasts, you simply “top up” your plan!
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