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Connected – developed by locals for locals.
We are city residents ourselves, and we know locals want to feel included and part of the city we live in.  We’re really aware of how frustrating it can feel if you’ve missed an event or new attraction that has opened because no-one has told you about it.  Connected was developed with locals in mind – connecting you to your city and what’s happening within it.  

Our research has found that local businesses would love to reach out to local people – they want to build strong, long lasting relationships with residents and create a sense of community.  Connected will enable those businesses to engage with locals directly, to offer;  resident-only promotions, Mid-week deals and to make sure you, as a resident, don’t miss out on any of the city’s events.

Connected – joining local services to local people…

The theory behind the app, and the technology available means the potential is huge.

We’d like to see it linking with city services to bring important, informative – and cost-saving – information into one place, for example; resident’s cards / library card / parking permits / bus passes..and more.

We know that joining these services together and having them all located in one place, would make life easier for all residents.  This is something we are working on for future releases of the this space!  

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Locals are Tourists too!

Tourism brings a lot of money into York – but not everyone benefits solely from that. York has a thriving amount of independent traders – many of whom are naturally not on the main shopping streets.   

As well as tourists not finding them so easily, the same could be said for the awareness of many locals too. We only follow businesses on social media that we are already aware of – Connected will enable you to experience and discover more of your city.