Connected Joins Businesses with Residents and Visitors.

Making Connections
Connected is a digital platform that takes captured content from existing business resources (such as CRM systems, geolocation and business listing) to produce a powerful app – that puts the whole city in your hands!  
Connected enables a communication and promotional platform for the retailers and businesses in the city to communicate in real-time, directly with the resident and/or visitor.

Connected allows users to personalise preferences of interest which then allows businesses to send messages and promotions directly to the user.  Promotions can be redeemed through a QR system.  This creates a powerful tracking insight to monitor success for the business, and social media feedback from the resident. 

Connected – a city in your hands!
For the resident or visitor, Connected allows you to discover and experience all a city has to offer – from what businesses are physically near you, to what event is happening right now – and how you can get involved.  
Connected allows you to receive direct, real-time promotions and messages from local businesses relevant to your preferences, so you will always know where to find that great coffee or find the latest pop-up happening that day. 

All you have to do is to be interested in the city – Connected will do the rest.

Connected York App - Real time notifications
Connected York App - Map
Connected York App - Retailer Dashboard
Helping the City and its businesses perform better.

For businesses, Connected is so much more than just another listing tool.

It gives you the chance to communicate directly with visitors and residents in real-time – people who may never have heard of your business, and are in the city right now.  

You can produce simple marketing messages that need little online know-how, to send to an audience that’s ready and waiting to hear from you.

Connected to growth.

Connected phase 1 will launch in Summer 2019, but it doesn’t stop there.  We are already one step ahead and planning future phases where Connected will increase its offering to ensure all users get access to the best of the latest technology and functionality.   

Our aim is to create a vibrant and diverse high-street where residents, visitors and businesses support each-other – a new high-street community.

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