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Connected York App - Real time notifications
Connected – promote your business to a new audience. 
Imagine a quiet afternoon in your cafe – how can you instantly entice shoppers in, to sample your delicious cakes?  
Connected will enable your business to select a target audience within your vicinity, to communicate with.  By sending out real-time messages and promotions to those visitors who are actively looking for a coffee & cake, you could fill your cafe in no time!
Connected allows visitors to your city to explore and discover what is around them. Visitors will choose their preferences to discover events, culture, retail or services in their current location.  Which means that your business can directly communicate to the visitor, enabling them to discover you, without the need for you to cultivate a mailing list or social media following.


Intuitive and easy to use.

Connected is a powerful piece of technology, it gathers useful insight. Not user names and addresses, but in time, interactions with your business, redemption of your promotions and user numbers across different demographics will be captured/

This can give your business an indication of the types of people interested in your products and services i.e. location, age range, gender.  

This level of marketing insight can help your business plan and tailor your future services and promotions.  

Connected York App - Retailer Dashboard

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